White Court

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The White Court vampires are the closest to humans in behavior and temperament. They can interbreed with humans, and do not come into their powers fully until they make their first kill. The White Court vampire feeds on emotion, and can stir up their emotion of choice in mortals. While it is true that this type of vampire seems to feed most often on lust, they can feed on any emotion.

Things That Scare a White Court Vampire

  • Extreme Bodily Injury
  • True Love

White Court Vampirism is a hereditary condition. Human beings interbreed with them, but they breed true to the White Court.

Virgins of the White Court—before the first kill, a White Court vampire is a “virgin”. The kill is most often unintentional, because these young people are often times not told what they are. If they know, some can fight the urges they feel, and can feed bit-by-bit off of larger numbers instead of large amounts from one or two. Also, if the White Court Virgin falls into truly reciprocated love, they cannot be fully turned and can live a normal human life.

Note: In Baton Rouge, the White Court’s presence is nowhere near as great as in New Orleans. However, there is a significant sprinkling of them at LSU. You’ll find them primarily in fraternities and sororities.

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White Court

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