Red Court

Probably the largest of the Vampire Courts before they all suddenly died two years ago, the Red Court vampires would feed on the blood of humans. Beneath their often beautiful exteriors, there was rot, and corruption. Their malformed bodies hid inside flesh masks that allowed them to be camouflaged when among the mortal population.

It was important to know that Red Court vampires had venom. The saliva of a Red Court vampire had a narcotic effect, and went to work upon contact with human skin. A victim of vampire venom – if he or she survived the attack of a Red Court vampire – has one hell of a hangover in the morning.

Things That Scared a Red Court Vampire

  • Sunlight
  • Fire

Note: The Red Court has been entirely wiped out, and word in the supernatural community is that Harry Dresden, that crazy wizard out of Chicago, was the one who pulled the metaphysical trigger. We’re hoping that these guys are permanently out of the picture.

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Red Court

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