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In the service of Mrs. Jones, you will be tripping around what we glibly call the Dresdenverse. This game setting is based on the books by Jim Butcher known collectively as the Dresden Files. It is not necessary to read the books, but they might give you a better idea of what you’re dealing with (not to mention that they’re a nice read).

The Skinny

The Place: Baton Rouge.
The Day: Tuesday.
You’ve all fallen afoul of the BRPD in some way or another. But someone in the B-Town force Brass must like you, because they’ve offered you a deal. Either you can do time, or work for this mysterious lady known only as Mrs. Jones. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, it would if you didn’t know deep down in your bones that something bad is going down. The shadows seem thicker, those noises you hear at night keep getting closer, and your Spidey-Senses are on full alert 24/7. Mrs. Jones wants you to go head-to-head with those things that go bump in the night. Will you bump back?

The System

The system used is based on the Fate system. Fate is an open gaming licensed system that was originally based on Fudge. It’s a flexible system, but has been heavily modified for use in the Dresdenverse.

What You Need
  • Fudge Dice
  • Poker chips/glass beads/beans…something for counting out Fate points
  • Character sheets (I’ll be supplying those)

(more on this later)

The World (AKA stuff you should know if you don’t wanna get killed)

Immutable Facts of the Universe
Laws of Magic
The Unseelie Accords
Supernatural Factions
Danger, Will Robinson!
Things That Go Bump

more later.

Main Page

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