Laws of Magic

Well, there are seven of these laws. Unlike the “laws of physics”, they’re not explanations of how magic works. The Laws of Magic are more like the Ten Commandments. Only there are just seven. The punishments for breaking the Laws of Magic are appropriately Old Testament in severity, though.


1: No killing mortals with magic.

Again with the Old Testament-esque referencing…no killing mortals of any kind. Even indirectly. Got that? By the way, you can cap a guy with a 9mm, but not with a fire ball.

2: No transforming others.

No, you can’t go turning Aunt Edna into a cow, even if she eats like one.

3: No mind-reading.

This might seem fun at the time, but you always get too much information. It’s also creepy.

4: No mind-controlling.

Takes away free will and warps the mind of the user over time. Big no-no.

5: No necromancy.

Zombies smell, and blood-mages are jerks. Don’t do it.

6: No time travel.

Did you really want to test out that whole paradox theory? And what about the awful tux you wore to the prom…that’s a bad memory to relive.

7: No seeking knowledge and/or power from Outsiders

Um…not like they’d give it to you, but things beyond your comprehension would probably provide power you aren’t ready for. Bad idea.

Laws of Magic

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