Immutable Facts of the Universe

Monsters have Nature. Mortals have Choice.

Nature—monsters act to fulfill hungers. Example: Vampires need blood, emotion or death for sustenance. They will do whatever it takes to get it.
Choice—human beings and other mortal creatures have options in what they do. There is always a choice, no matter the situation.

Only monsters and animals can claim not to have a choice in what they do, but there are times when the situation might not be so simple. Very rarely, there can be found creatures that are part mortal and part monster. These can include the odd vampire that struggles with his hunger for blood, or a neighborhood kid that learns lycanthropy to defend those he cares for. These are the choices you make, and based on those choices, you can end up a monster, or a hero.

Things fall apart.

It’s no wonder all of the baddies are coming out to play. This plane is going down the proverbial crapper. Monsters literally lurk in the shadows. Trolls are hiding under the bay bridge, and last week some stiff rose from the grave and started dancing for quarters in the park. Not to mention all of the drug use, organized crime, and hedonism. That many people are choosing the worse over the better is not to say that all of them are. There are those who try to stop the rising tides of darkness. Wizards, ordinary humans, or those empowered by other supernatural means…they will not let the shadows win.

Science fails.

Science and technology are cold comfort in this darkening landscape. Better computers and bigger guns will get you nowhere when you’re dealing with a ghost. Neither will the laws of physics, for that matter. And try using science explaining where all of the blood goes after a vampire of the Red Court drinks it! Wizards cause any tech made after WWII to malfunction at the best of times and fry on bad days. Monsters take all of those tidy natural and physical laws and put them on a shelf as vague guidelines rather than actual mandates.

Belief is power.

And I mean that literally. Faith is in and of itself a kind of power. If you have strong faith in anything – good or evil – that faith can act as shield, guide, or provide some other effect that many others would call magic. Wizards do consider faith magic to be only another form of magic. Just don’t mention that to a Knight of the Cross. Faith Magic can stem from anything in which you have a deep conviction. That thing can be a god or gods, Zen, or even Communism. Call it what you want. If a person has true and sincere faith, miracles can happen.

Magic is what you are.

You can’t make magic do anything that is against your fundamental nature. A person that is kind and self-sacrificing will not be able to muster the kind of hate and bitterness that is necessary to use magic in order to kill someone in cold blood. In self defense, perhaps, but never murderously. On the other hand, a serial rapist pedophile necromancer won’t be able to do healing magic unless it requires bloodletting or human sacrifice. Essentially, a person’s magic is a reflection of their beliefs, morals and ethics, but most importantly, it is a reflection of his or her soul.

Just remember these things, and abide by the Laws of Magic, and everything will be peachy.

Immutable Facts of the Universe

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