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Hello, dears. My name is Miriam Rachel Elizabeth Pastorek Jones – you may call me Mrs. Jones – and as of this moment, you work for me. I do not know your particular offenses against the law, nor do I care. So long as they do not interfere with your work, we will get along perfectly.

What work, you say?

Well, I really must speak with my secretary. She has not said anything about why you are here, and I specifically…hmph. No matter. I shall inform you now.

Through various and sundry twists of fate, you all have been brought to the attention of certain contacts I possess within law enforcement. Due to your specific supernatural qualifications, I have found that you will be of use in an ongoing conflict of which most in the mortal coil are not aware. Until that conflict is ended, you are bonded into my service.


Home Page

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