The Unseelie Accords

Faeries: Referees of the Cosmos

Most people wouldn’t think that faeries—tricky buggers that they are—could referee anything. However, they take it real personal when their rules are broken. The Unseelie Accords are often simply referred to as The Accords. They’re signed by several groups and a few individuals and are meant to Keep The Peace. There are parts of the Accords that are a little fuzzy, but here’s the biggies:

A Truce Is Sacred

Under the Unseelie Accords, it is not simply bad form to kill a messenger who arrives under a flag of truce. If the vampire who killed your girlfriend shows up waving the proverbial white flag, then you have to hear him out, or you’ll have bloodthirsty hordes descend on you before you can say O+.

Neutral Means Neutral

If an area is labeled “Accorded Neutral Territory”, you’d better honor the truce. How else do you think we can keep from devolving into animals ourselves? Places like Mac’s in Chicago and Lady Q’s here in Balto are meant to keep us civil. If someone calls a meeting on neutral ground, leave the itchy trigger fingers at home.

Big Problems, Little Solutions

One of the favored ways to deal with big problems is to send a champion and – I kid you not – start a duel. Things you need for a duel: open ground, two or more combatants, a mediator, and weapons. Usually, the mediator of a duel is a person strong enough to keep the combatants in line. As the challenger, you get to pick the place and time, but the mediator or the challenged get to pick the weapons. This is not a solution used every day.

Your Word Is Your Bond

If you give your word, and break it, expect to lose something. More specifically, you can be physically or mentally punished for doing so. Or, in some cases – such as when a wizard swears by his power – you lose some measure of that power.

The Unseelie Accords

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