Jade Court

At present, the Jade Court is still an unknown quantity. We hear whispers of them, but nothing of their powers or weaknesses. As yet, no one in this greater Baton Rouge area has come into contact with one.

The only information the author has been able to glean to date has been from an insane street thug named Mao Xian Li. Mr. Li is criminally insane, and leads a gang of illegal Chinese immigrants in the area between Burbank and Bluebonnet Rd. Extension. They call themselves The Red Lotus, but they’re mostly just a bunch of extortionists and cheap hoods. The status of Mr. Li’s enterprise is neither here nor there.

What he says about the Jade Court is only that they feed by touch, pulling out an individual’s Chi by force or manipulation. How this is accomplished remains to be seen. It is the opinion of the author that like the White Court vampire, a Jadeite can likely feed multiple times without resulting in a victim’s death. If Eastern religions and folklore are any indication, it seems possible that the Jade Court were worshiped as venerated ancestors, and may have had willing victims bred for them.

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Jade Court

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