Danger, Will Robinson!

If New Orleans is a constant battle between pretty equally matched forces of good and evil, Baton Rouge is where good has been on the losing end for a long time. The place is a huge drain for negative energies.

Thousands of people direct their ire for the government toward the state capital. A large university full of stressed-out students is located right in the middle of the city. Every year, the area is more economically depressed. The best anyone can say about this town is “it’s not so bad” or “at least it isn’t Shreveport”. Well, way to look on the bright side, guys, but there are reasons for people being at the very least apathetic.

Ever wonder why people don’t like to stay downtown after the sun sets? Why no one looks each other in the eyes here? That’s because back in the limbic region, that old lizard-deep primordial part of the brain, we know. We get it. There is something here that waits. Watches. It bides its time, until we make a mistake. You walk alone, give the wrong guy on the street a bad look. And then the darkness rises up to get you.

So trust your instincts. If they tell you not to go into that alley, they’re probably right.

Danger, Will Robinson!

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