Miriam Rachel Elizabeth Pastorek Jones

An old-fashioned Southern lady following in daddy's footsteps.


Miriam Rachel Elizabeth Pastorek Jones (that’s Mrs. Jones to you) is the daughter of Albert “Frankie” Pastorek, III. As one of the less orthodox Warders in the South, he made it his mission in life to keep order in the supernatural community. He was killed fifteen years ago during a bad spot in North BR with a bunch of ghouls. Frankie Pastorek was very good at his job, and he taught his daughter everything he knew.

Mrs. Jones is not an official Warder of the White Council. She has taken it upon herself to aid the Council since their Warders are busy with the aftermath of the Vampire War. Mrs. Jones, and other independent contractors like her, have filled a niche that was left open by the absence of those who stood in the way of evil.

Though primarily fulfilling the role of administrator, rare cases take Mrs. Jones out of the office. On such occasions, she wields her father’s old Spanish rapier and the family spell book. She is also quite testy.

Miriam Rachel Elizabeth Pastorek Jones

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